December/January 2023 Update

December/January 2023 Update

January 12, 2023

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Happy New Year to those of you who follow the Gregorian calendar! Some of you may also be looking forward to the Lunar New Year celebrations happening in just a few weeks... in which case, 新年好 and 恭喜发财 to everyone who celebrates!

This update takes a look back at Tilt Five’s highlights of 2022.

A quick note for those of you who follow us on we are officially phasing out the Kickstarter updates as we have wrapped up shipping of our pledge rewards.

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Tilt Five’s Year in Review - Celebrating 2022

This was a year like no other, and as we look back on all that has happened, it's important to take stock of what we've learned and how we've grown. So, Let’s count ‘em down: the top 10 things we celebrate from 2022:

1. Ship It!

Nearly all Kickstarter units have shipped out!

That’s right...after we confirmed addresses, taxes, and shipping… all Tilt Five pledge rewards that responded to us were shipped! It’s been a journey, but we thank you all for supporting us during this time.

2. Features, Features, Features

We expanded the features of the Tilt Five headset, thanks to our amazing engineering team.

Near the start of the year we released the 1.0.0 version of our drivers and the Unity Plug-in--which came out of beta after a year of hard work. That version worked with one wand controller, one pair of glasses, and the LE gameboard. Since then we have added features that will enable even more exciting Tilt Five experiences!

Looking for more virtual space to play? We added support for the larger XE Gameboards in the raised and flat configuration, allowing for even more holographic real estate. 

We added our C/C++ NDK for developers to access the Tilt Five Glasses and Wands at a lower level. This allows third-party developers to use the NDK to provide a high-level of integration for additional game engines!

Our releases throughout 2022 continuously improved the tracking of the Glasses and Wands. Many optimizations of our video pipeline have been made to keep frame rates consistent and avoid stutters when driving several Glasses.

The NDK and Unity Plug-in in the most recent beta (released in 2022) allowed for a game to support multiple players with their own Glasses, allowing a shared world for up to four players around a single table with one computer. We have added support for two Wands per player, low-angle Gameboard tracking improvements, motion prediction to avoid visual skew while moving around the gameboard, our IR camera frame API for applying computer vision techniques to interact with objects in the user’s view, and the ability for developers to track a Gameboard on a wall or in other orientations for future content that could take advantage of different board configurations.

Check out our overview of our latest SDK & Driver update further below.

3. Showing Off

We built demos and a beautiful booth and took Tilt Five on the road. Finally!

After Covid canceled nearly everything (for two years!), it was great to take Tilt Five on the road again. We were celebrated at expos and had the longest lines at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco (March), Augmented World Expo (June), Pocket Gamer in Toronto (July), Gamescom in Germany (August), SiliCon in San Jose (August) and more.

4. Game On!

We saw the worldwide release of many new Tilt Five compatible games.

All in all, we saw at least 16 games launch with support for the Tilt Five glasses last year. These games were modified quickly and efficiently by developers all around the world – Germany, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, Scotland, Australia, to name a few!  Check out games like FigminXR, Headland, Terrorarium, Murder Mystery Machine and many more on our Games page!

5. Wood for Sheep?

We announced that CATAN is coming to Tilt Five.

Yes! That CATAN – the celebrated board game with over 44 million copies sold worldwide. A Tilt Five holographic version is coming in early 2023. We made a super fun trailer featuring Bay Area talent & locations, and one volunteer sheep happily donned our Tilt Five glasses on camera. Thank you to our cast, producer/director Richard Reininger and his crew for the amazing work. 

6. It’s Alive!

We debuted the Tilt Five Lab on our website. 

We launched a Lab! Not the spooky kind – unless you count our Halloween app The Box. This is where you will find all manner of experimental games, apps, and experiences that are made for use with the Tilt Five®, created by developers everywhere using our Unity 3D and Unreal Engine SDKsSubmit your project to be considered for addition to the Tilt Five Lab when you’re ready. We can’t wait to see what you make.

7. It’s Just So Unreal!

Speaking of Unreal Engine, we released official UE support for Tilt Five in October.

The Unreal developer community has been requesting support for Tilt Five for some time, so we finally released the Unreal SDK Beta on our Developer Portal! The Beta version of the Unreal SDK allows developers to create experiences with Unreal 4 for the system. The first game using the Unreal Engine SDK is Wartile, coming soon!

8. You Stream, We all Stream!

We released MixCast for mixed reality streaming of Tilt Five experiences

MixCast is a great way to create and share content and let viewers see what you are seeing. All you need is MixCast software and a webcam.

9. Winner! Winner!

Oh, and we won some awards in 2022 as well.

Hard work pays off and it’s great to be recognized for it.  We picked up nominations and some industry awards.  We were awarded the Aurea Award in January, Auggie Award in March and the Misties Award in April.

10. What’s in the Box!?

We revealed our Limited Edition packaging and it was a hit with fans.

This beautiful work of art comes courtesy of some of our Kickstarter backers and consultants. We saw lots of Tweets and unboxing videos featuring the box, which is an homage to social gaming throughout the centuries.

Shipping Update

Most Kickstarter backers have received their pledge rewards with a small number of backers left who will be shipping soon.

If you have not confirmed your address yet or have a remaining balance in Backerkit, please contact for assistance. We will finalize your order and add you to our shipping queue. 

As mentioned in our previous Kickstarter updates, all orders processed after September 30th will receive white color glasses and wands. The limited edition grey and black color frames were a Kickstarter exclusive and were discontinued as we moved over to pre-orders. We appreciate everyone’s understanding on this.

Driver/Software Updates

The team put together a MAJOR update to our SDK and software drivers that will greatly improve and expand the performance of your Tilt Five glasses. Version 1.3.0 is our most ambitious build yet, Here are just a few of the features and improvements. If you want to test it out before the public release later this month you can find a link to it in our Discord.

  • SDK support for using multiple Glasses on one computer.
    • We are working with many of our software partners to add spectator or local multiplayer support to their games. We’ll be updating our Games Catalog with this multiplayer info soon, so you can easily find more games to enjoy with family and friends.
  • SDK support for using Wands in your left and right hands simultaneously. Games supporting this feature coming this year!
  • D3D Rendering improvements.
  • Audio boost option.
  • Glasses tracking improvements
    • Lower-angle viewing; get closer to the board surface.
    • Smoother tracking between optical frame updates
    • Predictive tracking to reduce warping effects when the headset is in motion.
  • IR Camera support (Tangible tracking camera) in NDK, Unity and Unreal SDK
  • Low battery warnings for Wands.
  • Health check for the Glasses available in the Control Panel to help identify technical or hardware issues.
  • Many UI improvements and bug fixes.
New & Upcoming Games

Terrorarium : Now Available!

Terrorarium is a 3D puzzle platformer about wanton destruction & adorable gore across a galaxy of community-designed murder gardens. Conquer dangerous alien worlds as a feisty granny with a chip on her shoulder and an army of cute but expendable walking mushrooms.

Diorama Builder : Now available!

DIORAMA BUILDER  aims to give you the feeling of having your own collection of DIORAMAS in your room. Without locks, you can choose the one that you like the most at that moment. With simple assembly mechanics, with each piece placed, you will have the pleasure of watching that beautiful scenery take shape.

Headland: Now Available

Fight to regain your limitless creativity in this action-adventure game for all ages. Journey through a story full of vivid characters and explore a beautiful imaginary world. Make friends along the way and confront your fears in a little adventure about a big imagination.

Cubiti pARti: Now Available

The P-AR-TY Is On!

Up to 4 players can compete in this insanely fun real-time Augmented Reality party game! pARti with your friends online in real-time multiplayer tournaments or get competitive against random players.

Take your Cubiti to new heights and master the Daily Challenge, or join the competition and play a range of fun minigames:

Wartile: Coming Soon

Wartile is a cool-down based strategy game in which you control a warband of Viking figurines in a miniature universe inspired by Norse mythology. Unravel its secrets and rein the powers of the gods. Coming to Tilt Five later this month.

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