Announcing SDK v1.3.0: "Inquisitive Imps"

Announcing SDK v1.3.0: "Inquisitive Imps"

January 20, 2023

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We are proud to announce the release of one of our biggest software updates yet: SDK Version 1.3.0.

We're sure you are probably asking: "But what did they name it??" Yes, yes, we give our software projects nerdy names.

SDK 1.3.0 has been codenamed... Inquisitive Imps!

  • Inquisitive - unduly curious about the affairs of others; prying
  • Imps - a small, mischievous devil or sprite; often described as troublesome
We feel about software bugs like people feel about imps:
they're annoying, troublesome, and you just KNOW they're doing it on purpose...

What's New in "Inquisitive Imps" v.1.3.0?

As always you can download and try our latest SDKs on our Developers page. Here are the new features & changes in SDK v. 1.3.0 'Inquisitive Imps'!

Control Panel
  • “Beta” software banners appear when running beta versions of Control Panel, and a beta version number will appear on the bottom of the Control Panel
    Update 2/12/2023 (1.3.0) is no longer in Beta.
  • Status for Glasses now has three sections for the Glasses, the application running, and Wands connected to the Glasses
  • In Settings, there is now a toggle to allow or disallow the Camera Frame Sender to send IR Camera Frames from the Glasses, which is disabled by default
  • A Volume Boost option has been added to the Glasses Info Actions tab. Note: it can cause audio to slightly clip or buzz in some conditions
  • For older production and all Beta Backer Glasses, report an unsupported USB speed correctly
  • Logging has been improved to be less noisy and the “Enhanced Logging” switch has been removed
  • Control Panel will now show Glasses in the same order they will be acquired by games
  • Perform predictive camera tracking to anticipate movement, which greatly reduces a geometry “warping” effect most noticeable while moving your head sideways
  • Integrate IMU data for tracking between visual tracking frames, improving motion and temporary loss of sight of the board tracking points
  • Improve low-angle tracking so the Glasses can now track the board when you are closer to the surface
  • Turn off projectors when not displaying or tracking for lower power usage
  • Fix issue where tracking would occasionally be lost at very narrow/specific angles on the XE raised gameboard
  • Fix race condition for USB transport for multiple simultaneous Glasses
  • Wands now report (in Control Panel) when they have a battery state too low to continue running
  • Wands now have a grace period for re-connection of a few seconds, when they are turned off or their batteries are removed
Drivers and Tilt Five Software Install
  • Increase performance for generating Glasses images; can significantly improve frame rate for multiple Glasses
  • Fix issue where powering on two wands simultaneously could cause both wands to get the same address. To resolve, update the wand firmware for each wand. If wand firmware update is failing with multiple wands connected, turn off all wands, then turn on and update one at a time.
  • Fix a crash in the service when multiple Wands were being used
  • Added verification of system files at startup to prevent escalated security exploits
  • If the Service crashes or is stopped, all clients including the Control Panel must be restarted as they can no longer be considered trusted; the Control Panel will indicate this with a relevant error message
  • The Tilt Five Glasses Camera Viewer has been moved to the Drivers install as it is a useful support tool
  • When the service restarts, flush stalled data that previously caused extra warnings to appear in logs
  • Service no longer deadlocks if clients are running when it is stopped, and restarts more cleanly
  • Clean up when an application exits without releasing Glasses, no longer show Glasses as still being used by the application.
  • Fix asynchronous USB pipe usage that would occasionally cause a crash in the Service
  • The Service no longer uses the Windows Event Log, and instead writes to rotating log files that are automatically cleaned up
  • Fix a crash that could occur when unplugging Glasses with connected Wands
Developer Tools (Developer SDK)
  • This is a beta version of the SDK, so we do not recommend shipping a final version of your game using this version. The final 1.3.0 SDK will be very close to this version and should be a drop-in replacement when it is released, but may contain some SDK changes, and potentially API changes.
  • If you are using the Mixcast SDK in your project, you should upgrade it to the latest beta version; Mixcast SDK 2.5.1 is compatible with 1.3.0-beta.7 when using TiltFiveManager2
  • Add gameboard_transform command line tool to experiment with tracking Gameboards at arbitrary rotations (tested primarily at 90 degrees on a wall) and/or scaling to a smaller or larger physical Gameboard size
  • The “Tilt Five Camera Viewer” tool is now in the Driver install and is renamed to “Tilt Five Glasses Camera Viewer”
NDK (Developer SDK)
  • Clean up and document more APIs
  • Rename the glasses “Acquire” operation to “Reserve” after much feedback from developers
  • Add IR Camera Image Frame API to retrieve streams of images from the IR camera on each pair of Glasses
Unity Plug-in (Developer SDK)
  • Add support for multiple simultaneously-connected Glasses for multiple local players using TiltFiveManager2 for multi-Glasses support. The original TiltFiveManager is kept for backward compatibility, but it does not support multiple Glasses; new projects should prefer TiltFiveManager2 over TiltFiveManager
  • Add support for specifying up to two Wands, right and left, per Glasses (both in TiltFiveManager and TiltFiveManager2)
  • Add IR Camera Image Frame API in Unity
  • Add multiple Player configuration tabs in TiltFiveManager2 for configuring the user experience for multiple Glasses
  • Move global system configuration information to its own panel in TiltFiveManager2
  • Add Upgrade button in Unity for TiltFiveManager to transfer settings to a new TiltFiveManager2 instance
  • Add upgrade steps documentation to ease transition to TiltFiveManager2
  • Camera template children objects now have an option to be cloned automatically
  • Log lack of plug-in as info level instead of error, don’t log on unload
Unreal Plug-in (Public Beta; Download from our Developers page)
  • Support for Unreal 4.25, 4.26 and 4.27 using the Unreal AR/XR APIs with a single pair of Glasses and up to two Wands
  • Added support for IR Camera Image Frame API
  • Ensure already connected wands are properly flagged in the wand states
  • Implement GetFOV to fix rare startup bug in engine plug-in

The SDK Mascot Family

Prior SDK releases names:

Have a suggestion for a legendary or mythical creature we should use to name a future SDK? Drop us a suggestion!

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