Announcing SDK Rev 13: "Collaborative Cyclops"

Announcing SDK Rev 13: "Collaborative Cyclops"



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May 18, 2021

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Today we released SDK Rev. 13 to our developer partners, the official name of which is.... Collaborative Cyclops!

  • Collaborative - produced or conducted by two or more parties working together
  • Cyclops - Cyclopes are giant one-eyed creatures in Greek legend and literature
Collaborative Cyclops

Prior SDK releases:

  • Rev 11: Alliterative Alpaca
  • Rev 12: Bashful Basilisk
  • Rev 13: Collaborative Cyclops

Have a suggestion for a legendary or mythical creature we should use to name a future SDK? Drop us a suggestion!

For more information about getting started with the Tilt Five System, check out our documentation.

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