Announcing SDK v1.1.0: "Gnarly Gnoll"

Announcing SDK v1.1.0: "Gnarly Gnoll"

June 3, 2022

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We love to give our SDK releases nerdy names! Just like some software companies give codenames to their software releases (e.g., Android OS releases are all named after desserts).

Today we're announcing the release our of SDK Version 1.1.0, codenamed.... Gnarly Gnoll!

  • Gnarly - surfer / skater slang for 'excellent' or 'wonderful'. Interestingly, "gnarly" is a contronym... essentially, a word that can mean its own opposite.  For example, gnarly can also mean distasteful or difficult. But, of course, we embrace the excellence, dude!
  • Gnoll - Gnolls are a fictional species of man-hyena hybrids
What's New in 'Gnarly Gnoll'?

As always you can download and try our latest SDKs on our Developers page. Here are the new features & changes in SDK v. 1.1.0 'Gnarly Gnoll'!

Control Panel
  • Support for XE Gameboards
  • New gameboard configuration UI for choosing your gameboard layout and rotation
  • Rename “wands” list to “accessories” and show the current gameboard in this list as an accessory
  • Allow scrolling of the accessories list to allow setting options for more than a few accessories
  • Fix a crash if the TiltFive App Data folder is missing and lazily create this folder to store logs
  • Use a more reliable logging mechanism, useful when Enhanced Logging setting is turned on
  • Display wand serial numbers correctly
  • Correctly wake if Glasses are sleeping for certain interactions
  • Allow for booting and response to simple commands when plugged into a USB2 port
  • Update firmware to recognize XE gameboard tracking points and newer LE gameboard points (to avoid crossing a fold or cut line)
  • Run cooling fans at a constant rate, except in some pre-production glasses (such as Kickstarter Beta Backer models) which still vary the fan speed
  • Update Wand tracking algorithms for better computation of its location
  • Set a minimum amount of travel for the wand’s analog joystick to register off-center movement, to resolve some drift issues reported
  • Fix some situations where the SDK would report wands disappearing
  • Fix a bug that caused wand tracking to become unstable after extended use
Drivers and Tilt Five Software Install
  • Fix uninstaller issue where a few files were not removed and update the uninstaller executable filename
  • The Tilt Five Service, Notifier and Unity plugin files are now signed Windows binaries
Native Development Kit Beta (Developer SDK)
  • The initial beta release of the NDK for Windows is included in the Developer SDK!
  • The NDK is the same infrastructure used for the other SDKs and allows low level access to the Glasses and Wands
Unity Plug-in (Developer SDK)
  • Support for the XE Gameboard with the Unity gameboard gizmo
  • Option in the editor to manually override the Control-Panel-selected gameboard type for the gizmo
  • Unload on application quit or when stopping play in the Unity Editor, elimnating the need to restart the Unity Editor every time an application is run
  • Provide the user-defined glasses name from Control Panel to Unity
  • Apply scaling to the camera near and far clipping planes to keep the user experience consistent
  • Fix a bug where the Unity process can be stuck open because of a D3D device still in use
  • Getting glasses pose now returns an error if the board is not in view
  • “System” and “Z” button names are deprecated, please use “T5” and “Three” in new code

The SDK Mascot Family

Prior SDK releases names:

Have a suggestion for a legendary or mythical creature we should use to name a future SDK? Drop us a suggestion!

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