Announcing SDK v1.2.0: "Huggable Hellhound"

Announcing SDK v1.2.0: "Huggable Hellhound"

July 29, 2022

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[updated: 27 October 2022]

We love to give our SDK releases nerdy names! Just like some software companies give codenames to their software releases (e.g., Android OS releases are all named after desserts).

Today we're announcing the release our of SDK Version 1.2.0, codenamed.... Huggable Hellhound!

  • Huggable - cuddly; evoking a desire to hug close; inviting a close embrace
  • Hellhound - a mythological hound which embodies a guardian or a servant of hell, the devil, or the underworld
Huggable Hellhound. He comes from Hell. It's OK... just hug him!

What's New in 'Huggable Hellhound' v.1.2.2?
Drivers and Tilt Five Software Install
  • Fix issue where settings could be wrong or uninitialized if newer settings or partial settings were left behind from a previous install, potentially leaving control panel unresponsive when attempting to change IPD
  • Improve error reporting when unable to apply or read settings on Windows
  • Fix wand streams when multiple glasses are connected that each have one or more paired wands
Unity Plug-in (Developer SDK)
  • Fix InitializeOnLoad build error
  • Fix lost button change events in certain conditions when using Input System for Wand events

What's New in 'Huggable Hellhound' v.1.2.1?
Control Panel
  • Avoid placing the Control Panel window behind task bars, make sure it opens in usable screen area
  • Fix LED color names and references to T5 button to be consistent with post-beta wands in the Wand pairing flow
  • Improve XE Board tracking when raised
  • Fix lack of volume controls when Glasses are in sleep mode
  • Prevent leaving an IR illumination LED on in unusual error conditions
  • Tracking of Wand position for one participant will no longer be affected by another participant’s Wand
Drivers and Tilt Five Software Install
  • After 1.2.1 is upgraded to a future version or if it is re-installed, your settings will be retained; you can still remove these settings by running the uninstaller manually and choosing the “Remove user settings” option
Unity Plug-in (Developer SDK)
  • Set displayName of Wand controllers for Input System to “Tilt Five Wand”
  • Return correct TiltFiveManager object consistently in the Unity Editor; sometimes a different prefab component was being returned

What's New in 'Huggable Hellhound' v.1.2.0?

As always you can download and try our latest SDKs on our Developers page. Here are the new features & changes in SDK v. 1.2.0 'Huggable Hellound'!

Control Panel
  • Fix error reporting for firmware validity from the system tray
  • Logging file size reductions for users who turn on developer mode’s extended logging
  • Reconnecting the Glasses in the middle of the game after disconnecting them will be less likely to fail to restore video to the Glasses
  • Consistent 60 FPS display framerate (developers should use a constant 60 FPS target to benefit)
  • Fan speed is more consistently maintained (note: does not apply to Beta glasses hardware)
  • Gameboard position tracking improvements
  • Significantly improved latency for movement tracking
  • Tracking is more robust when communication to the Wand has packet losses
Drivers and Tilt Five Software Install
  • Introducing support for MixCast webcam composition streaming; you must be using the Driver version 1.2 or later with content which has integrated MixCast support
Native Development Kit Beta (Developer SDK)
  • Change where the graphics context is created to initialization instead of when Glasses are acquired
  • You will need to update your use of the NDK with this version; note that NDK is still in beta and breaking changes may occur
Unity Plug-in (Developer SDK)
  • Support for InputSystem for Wands; Now you can use the InputSystem methods to access wand events and pose
  • Update of the “Tilt Five Wand Model” prefab so the scaling of the wand model is accurate at a 1:1 with world space, and sets its origin to be at the handhold pose center in the wand body, aligned directly with the tip
  • Fixed a bug where the same wand button events could occasionally fire on two consecutive frames

The SDK Mascot Family

Prior SDK releases names:

Have a suggestion for a legendary or mythical creature we should use to name a future SDK? Drop us a suggestion!

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