AWE 2022: That’s a Wrap!

AWE 2022: That’s a Wrap!

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June 20, 2022

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The Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2022 came and went June 1-3, but not without introducing us to the XR industry’s most amazing people, products, and technology. From haptic gloves to smell-o-vision there was no shortage of miraculous things to be seen at this year's AWE. 

Don’t believe us?  Just watch our Head of Communications, Stephanie, celebrate and strut among our fellow exhibitors!

Hear the tale of this video in this recent blog.

Bigger is Hopefully Better

Back in November, at AWE 2021, we had SUPER long lines of eager expo goers to see Tilt Five in action. 

To reduce the wait times and long lines this year, we doubled the size of our booth and ran three simultaneous demo stations. We also debuted a newly designed booth! Whadaya think?

We also brought three exciting surprises to the show:


We officially announced and demonstrated our partnership with MixCast. MixCast, developed by Blueprint Reality in Canada is a mixed-reality compositing technology that blends real people with virtual worlds to create streamable content from VR & AR experiences and that you can share on services like YouTube and Twitch. 

MixCast allowed us to show onlookers a new perspective of what the users were seeing. This tech will be available to all developers for FREE and will give developers and creators the tools to showcase and stream Tilt Five content to anyone. 

XE Gameboard

For the first time in public, we gave visitors the opportunity to try our XE gameboard. Measuring in at a whopping 800mm by 1067.6mm, or 31.5" by 42" this board means business. 

The gameboard has a handy kickstand to elevate the retroreflective material, thereby increasing the height at which objects appear to rise above the table. Lots of oohs and aahs were uttered!


And lastly we demonstrated what people have been waiting for: simultaneous multiplayer experiences on a shared gameboard!  Our friends at Amber Studio built a cyberpunk flying car fishing game (yes we said FISHING game… with flying cars).

Visitors to our booth were invited to pair up to see who could fish more cars while standing on top of skyscrapers while flying cars zoomed between them.  It was like Fifth Element meets Deadliest Catch. Visitors could sabotage their opponent’s score by stealing cars off of their parking structure.    

What Did People Say?

Once again, we were AWEstruck by the number of people who were waiting in line to try Tilt Five. There was a constant stream of attendees floating through the line and each had something wonderful to say. 

Here’s just a sample:

AR Spaces in Familiar Places

Our illustrious leader Jeri gave a talk at AWE about the importance of social connection through tabletop augmented reality.  To a packed room, Jeri shared how a team of dreamers took the ideal of Star Wars holograms and found a path to make it happen, solving some key problems along the way (cost, comfort, ease of use, social interaction).

You can watch the entire talk here!

And The Winner Is…

Oh, and we won an Auggie in the category of "Best Game / Toy"!

Our Chief Business Officer, Hans, ran up to accept the award on behalf of the hard-working team.

Read about the award and see how we won in this recent blog post

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