Tilt Five Struts Through AWE 2022

Tilt Five Struts Through AWE 2022

When you have a team that is made of gamers and tabletop lovers – whose mission is to bring friends and family together to have fun – what can you expect when they hit a showroom floor?

This year at AWE, we wrapped tabletop holograms with Bee Gees inspired funk and topped it with perfectly-timed gold pants. Forget about button down collars and stuffy sales pitches, the Tilt Five team is here to bring the fun wherever we go.

When You Take Home an Auggie, It’s Time to Strut

Traversing the aisles of a showroom floor is a lot more entertaining when you strut! Don’t believe us? Just try it and we know that you’ll end up at our booth every time–it’s not our fault if the song gets trapped in your head for days!

When it comes to producing a conference video that captures the energy of the team, the product, and the incredible reactions we get from attendees, you have to get creative! 

Leave it to Richard and Stephanie, Tilt Five’s dynamic marketing duo – they still haven’t figured out who is Batman and who is Robin – to once again confound attendees while filming their antics and highlighting Tilt Five’s presence at the show.

A big thank you to Proto Hologram, ARwall, Qualcomm, AWE, and of course, our friends Resolution Games who made Demeo for letting us dance around your booths.

Thanks for Strutting With Us!

The main event is always your testimonials! Thank you to everyone who not only tried out Tilt Five but shared their experience with us. Your energy and excitement is what drives and inspires us to bring holograms home. 

It means the world to us when those in the XR community, who spend their days in and out of headsets are so enthusiastic about the Tilt Five system!

Shout out to Thrillseeker and Phia, Leslie Shannon, Logan Smith, Monica Morrand, and Gabriele Romagnoli for your honest reactions. 

We hope you enjoyed our latest installment of conference sizzle reels as we document our travels with behind-the-scenes antics and your T5 first experience reactions!

This is a lot more tangible and physical than you even realize, you guys thought AR was a far away thing, but it’s here and it’s cool as heck! – PHIA, host of The Virtual Reality Show

And if you didn't reserve your Tilt Five system at AWE, there's still time. Pre-order today!

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