Tilt Five Integrates Mixed Reality Streaming on Social with MixCast Partnership

Tilt Five Integrates Mixed Reality Streaming on Social with MixCast Partnership

Capture, Stream and Share 3D Holographic Environments from Home or the Office

Santa Clara, Calif. – May 31, 2022 --Tilt Five inc., an Augmented Reality (AR) system provider that uses proprietary glasses, a gameboard, and a wand controller to engage users in tabletop 3D holographic environments, returns to Augmented World Expo (AWE) which will be held June 1st to June 3rd.

Developed with video game and tabletop enthusiasts in mind, the Tilt Five System invites players to level up game night with the magic of immersive 3D technology.

The Tilt Five System allows users to enter dynamic worlds, popular games, and interactive experiences using the magic of immersive 3D technology. Explore holographic environments as they spring to life in front of your eyes.

To help users capture and share their holographic tabletop experiences, Tilt Five has partnered with MixCast, a mixed reality broadcasting platform created by Blueprint Reality.

Communicating the immersive nature of Virtual and Augmented Reality applications has proven to be a challenge for the industry. MixCast provides a solution that blends real people and environments with virtual worlds and creates compelling 2D content for users to share.

“While there is nothing better than experiencing the system yourself, MixCast will allow us to communicate the experience and excitement of tabletop holograms,” says Jeri Ellsworth. “It was important to offer a solution to our players and developers that simplifies the process of mixed reality videos. With the ability to capture and share their Tilt Five experiences on social media and streaming services, users can provide more personalized content and engage audiences in a new and engaging way!”

“Augmented Reality is poised to have a huge impact on how we interact with software and the Tilt Five system is no exception,” said Ben Sheftel, Co-Founder and CTO, Blueprint Reality. “Having seen the technology and just a slice of the content coming out for the system, it made perfect sense for MixCast to partner with Tilt Five so that together we could provide a world-class spectator experience to go with it.”

“Having added Tilt Five support to MixCast’s suite of capture and sharing tech, we’ve made it possible for Tilt Five users, with just a webcam, to create mixed-reality video that closely matches the visuals shown to the user - giving the audience a hugely engaging yet intuitive visual to follow along with, whether being used with one of the amazing games or more serious applications like medical imaging and communications,” said Sheftel.

Tilt Five System Features include:

  • Tilt Five™ AR glasses are designed with a patented and unprecedented 110-degree field-of-view optical system, bringing immersive 3D worlds to life right on the table with vivid colors and natural depth of field.
  • The glasses weigh approximately 100 grams, one-third of typical mixed-reality headsets, and provide a comfortable experience for all-day game sessions.
  • A six-degrees-of-freedom wand controller that enables players to reach into and physically control and interact with the environments and characters.
  • An embedded camera system that tracks physical objects like game pieces and hands and seamlessly blends them with virtual ones.
  • Stereo speakers and microphone so players can immerse themselves in solo experiences or converse with their friends while playing together remotely.
  • A unique optical system that gives each player their own view into shared virtual worlds. No need for split screens or hiding card decks, players can still call out to each other and see the physical world around them.

Games of all genres work with Tilt Five™, including simulation, RPG adventures, puzzle, Esports, arcade, strategy games, classic tabletop, action video, and party games. Content from third-party developers will include games and experiences from Asmodee Digital, Tabletopia, Threaks, Playtonic, Tiny Roar, Niffler, PlayStack, Beatshapers, Playito, Stardrifters, Overlay, Madowl Games, and Battle Map Studio.

Registered attendees, media or exhibitors who want to learn more and demo the Tilt Five System during AWE are invited to join us at booth at: 948

For additional information or to book an interview or demo please contact Stephanie Greenall, Head of Communications, Tilt Five inc. 

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About Tilt Five

Tilt Five is an entertainment system provider that uses proprietary augmented reality (AR) glasses, a gameboard and a wand controller to engage players in tabletop and video games in 3D holographic environments. Founded by a team of technical visionaries with decades of experience working for consumer technology leaders such as Valve and Google, Tilt Five aims to provide a comfortable, social and immersive AR experience for consumers. Tilt Five is backed by over 3,000 Kickstarters, SIP Global Partners, BITKRAFT Ventures, Galaxy Interactive, Logitech, and games industry leader Ken Birdwell. Founded in November 2017, Tilt Five is headquartered in Silicon Valley. 

For more information, please visit www.tiltfive.com and follow us on Twitter.

About Blueprint Reality Inc.

Blueprint Reality Inc., a privately held company based in Vancouver, Canada, are the creators of the MixCast suite of virtual production and mixed reality software which gives VR and AR users the ability to capture and share powerful videos of their experiences in real-time. Learn more at MixCast.me. Blueprint Reality was founded in 2016 to provide solutions to the problem of making immersive experiences shareable with an audience outside the experience itself. MixCast continues to expand its utility, having been used with consumer AR and VR experiences, theme park and location-based entertainment, and virtual film production. 

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Media Contact:

Stephanie Greenall, Head of Communications

Tilt Five, Inc.



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