Fantasy Forest Tech Demo Now Available

Fantasy Forest Tech Demo Now Available

August 30, 2022

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Some of you may have spent long nights leveling and looting your way through Diablo RPG games. The Diablo series is not just a staple of a gamer’s action RPG library but a favorite pastime of many members of the Tilt Five team. 

New Way to Experience the Games We Love

Tilt Five is reinventing game night, allowing players to experience their favorite genres in a new way–hello, holograms! Inspired by our love for Diablo, we thought we would create a completely immersive ARPG demo for the system and see how people liked it! Some Tilt Five owners have already tried the demo and are sharing it online using MixCast. Check it out!

Just a Weekend and a Handful of Unity Assets

We love to tinker, so it’s no surprise we spend our weekends on fun projects. Armed with a collection of free Unity assets and a couple of spare hours on the weekend, our Diablo-style demo was born. 

If you don’t believe us that it’s that simple to start developing for the system, check out the Developer Portal and download the free SDK. 

Unity Asset Packs Used:

For those of you into building your own version of this experience, here is a list of links to the assets we used.

Fantasy Forest Becomes Fan Favorite

Once the rest of the team got their nerdy hands on the demo, it was clear that this genre didn’t just work on the T5 system but thrived! It had its first public debut at AWE in November 2021, and we quickly saw the WOW factor it produced from attendees. Since then, we have added a few features like collecting in-game items and even cranking up the difficulty on the monsters for those who think they have mastered the experience!  

While this demo has become a fan favorite at public events, it has also been an incredible tool to showcase the Holy Grails of AR that the system solves, including the vergence-accommodation conflict. With Tilt Five's light field, virtual objects appear at the correct focal distance as if they were real physical objects. The result is that your eyes can naturally change focus on near vs. far away objects without eye strain or visual fatigue, unlike most VR and AR headsets!

Download the latest drivers and Fantasy Forest Tech Demo here.

If there is a game or genre that you want to see on Tilt Five, start building! Don’t forget to tag @tiltfive and share your projects with us on social media.

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