Concentrated AR? WTF is Concentrated AR?!

Concentrated AR? WTF is Concentrated AR?!

August 23, 2023

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You may have noticed that Tilt Five does Augmented Reality (AR) a bit differently. We have glasses and a gameboard. We’re the only ones who do.

Why? Because it’s better. It allows for a simple, seamless, and social experience without eyestrain or motion sickness. Oh, and it’s fun too…if you haven’t already heard, Tilt Five is the New Couch Co-Op.

But we’ve not yet answered your question…WTF is Concentrated AR? Let’s break down concentrated first…

concentrated (adjective)

con·cen·trat·ed kän(t)-sən-ˈtrā-təd

  1. drawn toward a common center
  2. to focus one's powers, efforts, attention
  3. rich in respect to an essential element

Turns out, that breaks into the strengths of the Tilt Five platform really stinking well…Let’s add AR back in…

  1. Concentrated AR brings people together into a truly shared experience with a common center.
  2. Concentrated AR is not AR everywhere, but AR focused and done very well in a very specific somewhere.
  3. Concentrated AR produces rich, vibrant, high fidelity holograms, seamlessly blended into real-world space.

How are we able to do this? Turns out Tilt Five is traditional AR turned inside out.

Instead of projecting images directly into your eyeballs, we project images out from your eye onto a gameboard.

The gameboard bounces that light right back to your eyes, creating a light field. All the volume between the gameboard and your eyes are now fair game for holograms. Yes, that means holograms will feel like they’re well above the board.

Not only that, the holograms are rendered in real world space, so your eyes can focus naturally. It’s all pretty f*cking magical.

This is why you’ve seen people wearing Tilt Five glasses wave their hands out in front of their face. It feels like the holograms are actually there in front of you. This is also why we say no eyestrain…your eyes aren't confused, trying to focus to infinity on a screen an inch away from your face. This is called the vergence accommodation conflict which Tilt Five solves with a retroreflective gameboard.

By focusing our AR exclusively on said gameboard, our tracking is better, our field of view is wider, there’s no room scanning or calibration for shared experiences, and it allows us to sell AR at a consumer price point. All benefits from the Five F*cks that drive Tilt Five.

Zooming out to AR/VR/XR in general…we agree with Meta and Apple that XR is the future. And we believe they agree with us that in the long run, strap-on facial video feeds that cover your eyes (or give you creepy pixeleyes) are not the future anyone wants to live in. They want glasses, which are rumored to be ready in 4 to 5 years…

We have glasses now…just imagine where we’ll be in 5 years….;)

Get your Concentrated AR glasses today.

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