WTF is the New Couch Co-Op?

WTF is the New Couch Co-Op?

August 19, 2023

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For many gamers, the days of couch co-Op were the glory days of gaming. GoldenEye. Halo. Mortal Kombat. Portal 2. Call of Duty. Rock Band. Wii Sports. The list goes ever onward…It was good ole contentious fun. Controllers were thrown. So were curses. Beating your friends and seeing their face…that was what couch co-Op was all about.

Playing together used to be part of the whole deal, now games are mostly epic solo quests and all the multiplayer is almost exclusively online, where things are so anonymous that anything could turn toxic. Local multiplayer has become more of an afterthought in the industry at large, if not forgotten entirely. But gamers have been clamoring for it. And the overwhelming success of games like Overcooked and It Takes Two prove that for gamers, couch co-Op may have been gone, but certainly never forgotten. And coming out of a pandemic, more gamers are looking to game together again.

So What is the New Couch Co-Op?

It’s a return to multiplayer in the same room. It’s a LAN Party on one machine. It’s peek-free split screen. It’s played around a table so you can face off face to face…literally. 

And all this is made possible by Tilt Five’s Concentrated AR approach to gaming. Everyone gets private information and their own perspective on the holographically rendered virtual world that seamlessly blends into real world interactions. Eyes focus naturally so you can play forever without eye strain and headaches. Players can see the outside world, so gamers suffering from motion sickness are able to play along too. And everyone can look everyone else dead in the eye.

It All Comes Back to the Five F*cks Tilt Five Gives…

AR is f*cking seamless.

AR is f*cking simple

AR is f*cking social

AR is f*cking comfortable

And AR should be f*cking fun when we play together.

More about them here.

Because if we track all the way back through pre-history, games were a thing we did together. The New Couch Co-Op promises to return us back to our earliest gaming origins, just with holograms joining the party. Because together’s how we’re made to play.

AR u game? Get yours today, and gather your friends for the new couch co-Op.

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