The Five F*cks We Give

The Five F*cks We Give

August 20, 2023

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Yeah, we get it. Tilt Five is an upstart gaming company. We’re supposed to give zero f*cks. And some would say we do. But we’re calling bullshit on them. Why?

Because Tilt Five gives five f*cks. We give these five f*cks because we don’t agree with the gaming status quo, namely two big ole stinky pieces of it…

  1. Current XR gaming tech hides your eyes and relies on video passthrough to see the world around you. Even if you’re playing together, you’re not really playing together…
  2. Couch co-Op and local multiplayer have all but disappeared from console gaming. (We are aware of the Overcookeds and the It Take Twos. We’re big fans and we want more.)

So we found we give five f*cks, and they guide us (and maybe you too) through the next phase of gaming. So without further f*cking ado…

F*ck No 1. - AR is f*cking social

This is a big f*cking deal for us. The glory days of gaming were so social. LAN parties. Split screen. Throwing controllers and curses at each other. It was different shoulder to shoulder, back to back in the same room. We miss that. Very much. All but gone, but not forgotten. We remember. So do others.

With the New Couch Co-Op, now you’re facing off eye to eye. Because if it’s going to be truly social, you’ve got to see each others’ eyes. Their expressions. Nudge them. Shove a finger in their face. Ya gotta celebrate, that’s part of the charm. So many decisions were made to allow this to happen. That’s the genesis of Concentrated AR. That’s the genesis of f*cks 2-4.

F*ck No 2. - AR is f*cking seamless

For it to be immersive, it’s gotta feel real. Tilt Five has the widest field of view in AR so you can really take in the holograms. And because Tilt Five holograms are rendered in real world space at the proper focal distance, they feel real. Like waving your hand in front of your face real. Like reach out and touch the virtual world real. Like you gotta see it to believe it real. Because AR being seamless is so much of the immersion.

F*ck No 3. - AR is f*cking simple

Some other AR/XR headsets require scanning the environment and calibrating to the room to create the experience. If you’re playing with others, you both have to scan. It can be complicated, a headache. Headaches shouldn’t be part of the game. The Tilt Five glasses come pre-calibrated to work with the gameboard. The wands come pre-calibrated to the glasses. There’s very little set-up, just unfold the gameboard, boot an experience, and pick your jaw up off the floor.

F*ck No 4. - AR is f*cking comfortable

Hard to play for forever if it f*cking hurts. XR headsets like Meta ask your eyes to focus on infinity inches away from your face. That’s not how your eyes and brain work. That’s why eyes get tired, why people get headaches. It’s called the vergence accommodation conflict, you can look it up. It’s real, and difficult to solve, especially if you’re strapping screens on people’s faces. Because the Tilt Five glasses project light away from your face and the game board bounces it back, your eyes can focus naturally. Which means no eye strain. And because the world around you always remains visible, gamers with motion sickness can finally experience XR.

To top it all off, the Tilt Five glasses are the lightest headset does real AR on the market. So no more neck strain either.

F*ck No 5. - Playing AR together has to be f*cking fun.

Bring it all back. This is why we’re all here. Because couch co-op was SO f*cking fun. So the New Couch Co-Op should be too. There’s a reason couch co-op feels good. Studies show that face to face connection boosts well being in ways that online connection cannot.

We often look to the Wii. The Wii reminded everyone that gaming didn’t need the latest graphics or dozens of buttons. Just intuitive controls anyone could pick up, and games that were fun together, regardless of skill level. We remind ourselves of those lessons every day.

It helps us find games for Tilt Five that we love. And it drives our developers in the games and experiments they create for the system. All with an eye for what’s fun as a group. Because together’s how we’re made to play.

So gather your friends and get your f*cking Tilt Five Concentrated AR System today.

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