Tilt Five Announces Official Game Launch Titles

Tilt Five Announces Official Game Launch Titles

March 25, 2022

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From a Roguelite Skyline Crawler to a Modern Noir Thriller the Launch List Has Something for Everyone

Santa Clara, Calif. – March 24, 2022 –Tilt Five inc., an Augmented Reality (AR) entertainment system that engages users in tabletop 3D holographic environments is pleased to announce official launch titles available for the gaming system. 

The Tilt Five™ system was developed with gamers and tabletop enthusiasts in mind and invites players to level up game night with the magic of immersive 3D technology. Using proprietary AR glasses, a retroreflective gameboard, and a wand motion controller, players can explore holographic worlds with their family and friends together at home or online.

With the success of the Kickstarter campaign in 2019, which amassed over $1.7 million–becoming the largest AR kickstarter campaign–Tilt Five began partnering with third-party developers to transform their PC, mobile, and console games into tabletop AR experiences.

“It has been an incredible journey that is made even better by the developers who took a chance on us and integrated their games with this bleeding edge technology,” says Jeri Ellsworth, CEO, Tilt Five. “We have created a community of developers who are helping us to refine holographic gameplay and make the best experiences possible.”

"Tilt Five's tabletop AR has a big advantage over fully immersive AR ... everybody has a table at home to play with, but very few have the empty space that immersive AR requires," says Javier Davalos, Lead Developer & Designer, Figmin XR. “Once you realize how much space to place content you actually have, your mind explodes!

Tilt Five continues to support third-party developers and has launched a Tilt Five Game Developer Portal that invites developers to integrate existing games or develop new ones for the gaming system.

While Tilt Five is currently shipping to Kickstarter backers, consumers in North America are able to reserve a kit on the website for shipments in Q2. For those in other countries, they can sign up to be notified when we start shipping to new regions.

Official Tilt Five Launch Titles:

The Awakening of Mummies: The Mummies are trapped inside the Pyramid where the evil Pharaoh Cleo has imprisoned them. Use your puzzle-solving skills to guide all the Mummies through the various chambers but watch out for traps!

Battle Map Studio is a playful map editor and RPG sandbox that makes world building fun, simple, and social. Use a variety of practical and amusing tools to paint forests and rivers, generate mountains, and construct houses.

Battle Planet - Judgement Day is a planetary rogue-lite top-down shooter. You are one of the universe's 3 most wanted criminals on the run, fighting your way through hordes of aliens, military, and police units. There is only one way to reclaim your freedom - destroy them all...

Bomb Bots Arena is an online multiplayer bomber brawl experience! Send your Bomb Bots into online arenas or blast your friends off the couch locally.

From the veteran puzzle designer behind the classic game Chip's Challenge, comes Chuck’s Challenge 3D 2020, a fiendishly addictive puzzler that’s packed with features that will tease the brain and challenge the fingers.

Danger Scavenger is a fast-paced, cyberpunk-themed, roguelite skyline crawler. Blow up, cut, shoot enemy robots on the roofs of skyscrapers.

DX266 by Recube is a Tech Demo that showcases the Tilt Five system and controls using various examples of mesh animation and particle effects. Set to electronic music, the soothing 3D effects create for a mind-bending experience and is free to try to Tilt Five™ owners!

Figmin XR is a multi-purpose application for easily creating, collecting & playing with holograms. Anything is possible! Create physics games, educational experiences, storytelling, art, e-commerce and marketing, visualization, or anything that you can imagine.

Floating Farmer places you in a tiny fantasy countryside, something unusual happened. All the animal farms are now floating like little islands in the sky! Slide the blocks and rebuild the broken paths.

Hextones: Spacetime - Connect the Hextones and jump on a journey through Spacetime! An even more challenging matchup puzzle with time mechanics.

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion This year, due to social distancing requirements, Santa can't undertake his normal training. Thankfully, his elves have crafted a fully automated Santa training area in a disused warehouse - with lots of "houses" for Santa to sneak his way through. Help Santa complete his training ahead of the Christmas period, by sneaking through all five house layouts to deliver presents in record time.

In Magicolors, the player is a Wizard, who to perfect himself in the art of Magic, begins a challenging journey. Using the power of a staff and the ability to solve puzzles, they will acquire the energy of rare crystals and unlocking powerful spells. It's a puzzle game, based on the well-known 3-piece alignment game, but with a totally different mechanic.

Join the District Crime Agency in this isometric, modern noir deduction thriller. In Murder Mystery Machine you explore crime scenes in complex dioramas, organize your evidence effectively, and blur the lines between right and wrong to present your case. Do you have what it takes to be a real detective?

Do you love solving puzzles... in space? QB Planets is a family-friendly cubic puzzle space adventure that will challenge your puzzle-solving skills.Play as one of the available Astronauts and explore strange and beautiful puzzle planets with mysterious powers and dangerous environments.

Space Merchants: Arena is a cross-platform online multiplayer game where futuristic spaceships engage in intense dogfights or tactical play.

Tabletopia is sandbox virtual table with high-quality board games made by professionals. Already 1000+ games and counting!

Tinker Racers is a Survival Racing Party Game. Drive mini-RC cars through tracks built around the house with common, everyday items. Forget the finishing line and just try to stay in sight!

Registered attendees, media, and exhibitors who want to learn more and demo the Tilt Five System during GDC are invited to join us at our booth: Moscone North Hall Booth #N2925.

About Tilt Five

Tilt Five is an entertainment system provider that uses proprietary augmented reality (AR) glasses, a gameboard and a wand controller to engage players in tabletop and video games in 3D holographic environments. Founded by a team of technical visionaries with decades of experience working for consumer technology leaders such as Valve and Google, Tilt Five aims to provide a comfortable, social and immersive AR experience for consumers. Tilt Five is backed by over 3,000 Kickstarters, SIP Global Partners, BITKRAFT Ventures, Galaxy Interactive, Logitech, and games industry leader Ken Birdwell. Founded in November 2017, Tilt Five is headquartered in Silicon Valley. 

For more information, please visit www.tiltfive.com and follow us on Twitter.

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