Tilt Five: The Future of Split Screen Gaming

Tilt Five: The Future of Split Screen Gaming

February 13, 2023

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Before there was Call of Duty: Warzone and gaming setups that flashed like the Vegas strip, there was GoldenEye 007, Quake II, and consoles that you had to perform cartridge CPR on before playing. Seated only a couple of feet away from the television, tethered like a flotilla of rumble packs, gamers were enamored with the state-of-the-art – for 1997 – graphics and filled with dreams of games to come.

Performing the "Breath of Life" before playing | Classic GoldenEye 007 Graphics

The Glory Days of Split Screen Multiplayer

It was a beautiful era of gaming; one built on the precarious foundations of cardboard partitions and blanket forts. Gamers gathered their chosen split screen shelter materials–because they didn’t include them in the console box… not even structural recommendations!--and began the ceremony of protecting their gameplay from their worthy (and not-so-worthy) adversaries.

Ancient Multiplayer Gaming Structures Known as Split Screen Forts

Broken Down Multiplayer 

Although they have not been heavily documented (or even at all), we can only assume that many of these split screen camps toppled and caused grave injuries. It turns out that this was, in fact, not the most glorious era of gaming. Many gamers pondered, “how will I shield my screen if I cannot construct a mighty wall?” and “What will become of my clever stealth tactics if Brandon can see my quadrant of the TV?”

Hard to Keep You Location Secret When Everyone Can See Your Screen

As forts were dismantled and sheets returned to linen closets, much to the delight of mothers everywhere, players pondered what would become of their game nights.

Many turned to LAN parties or opted for online games but still held on to the magic of multiplayer and the joy that had once filled their hearts and controllers when they played together at home.

Local Multiplayer Reinvented - The Magic Returns

It has been years–if not decades–since players have been shackled to their consoles and huddled under cardboard boxes. Players have come and gone, and those who remember this era now have knees that pop when they walk and backs that ache for no reason. 

But today is the day that their dreams come true. It’s time for those gamers to gather their parties and prepare for a local multiplayer experience that even their youthful selves couldn’t imagine.

Get the Gang Together for Local Multiplayer...or Remote Play!

It is the triumphant return–and wildly improved–split screen experience! Tilt Five’s augmented reality system doesn’t just offer cool f*#king holograms but provides a multiplayer experience second to none. Imagine sitting around the table, each player with their own view, planning their next move without having to cover the gameboard with He-Man and She-Ra bedsheets! Depending on the game, Tilt Five players can share the same game space with their own respective views or have their own world space that is hidden from other players.

The Future of "Split Screen" Gaming

Latest Tilt Five Update Makes a Reality!

Tilt Five’s latest update is so powerful that it could tear through the space-time continuum and set a new course for the future of gaming. 

In January, the Tilt Five team launched an update for the system that enables developers to create multiplayer games–incorporating multiple wands and glasses on one computer! 

Why is this important? 

This style of multiplayer has not been done before, particularly in the XR industry. Tilt Five is reinventing game night and focusing on creating the ultimate social experience. There’s no need to buy multiple consoles and line them up to recreate a couch co-op or multiplayer massacre; just set up the Tilt Five system on your table and prepare for various ways to play together. 

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