Kickstarter October/November 2022 Update

Kickstarter October/November 2022 Update

November 3, 2022

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Hello Backers,

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Here is a look at what we will be covering:

  • Shipping Update
  • Unreal Beta SDK
  • Driver Updates
  • New and upcoming games
  • Other news

Let's get started!

Shipping update

Most Kickstarter backers have received their pledge rewards but there are still a few who have not.

We’ll be shipping kits in late November or late December to those who confirmed their shipping address and we have charged you for any taxes and shipping. We apologize for the component shortage that caused this additional delay but it should ease over the next month as we get more inventory and can complete the assembly of your glasses. Thanks again for your patience and we’ll get those kits shipped ASAP.

If you have not confirmed your address yet or have a remaining balance in Backerkit, please contact for assistance. We will finalize your order and add you to our shipping queue. The goal is to ship your order as soon as possible but due to the aforementioned component shortage, for some that may not be until early next year.

As mentioned in our last Kickstarter update, all orders processed after September 30th may receive white color glasses and wands if stock of their chosen colors is not available. The limited edition grey and black color frames were a Kickstarter exclusive and we will not be producing any more as we wrap up Kickstarter fulfillment and move over to pre-orders. We appreciate everyone’s understanding on this!

Unreal Beta SDK is HERE!

It’s finally here, the first release of our Unreal SDK is live on our site. This opens Tilt Five up to more developers and more games!

This SDK is in beta so expect regular updates with added features and quality-of-life improvements. You can find the Unreal SDK Beta HERE

If you are new to Unreal, one of our talented developers put together a tutorial video to help get you up and running. Watch the Unreal Tutorial Video Here

We can’t wait to see what the community creates with this new SDK.

Driver/Software updates

The team is hard at work putting together the next build jam-packed full of features. Version 1.3 is sure to be our most ambitious build yet,

Here are just a few of the line items we are working on:

  • SDK support for using multiple Glasses on one computer
  • We are working with many of our software partners to add spectator or local multiplayer support to their games. We’ll be updating our Games Catalog with this multiplayer info soon, so you can easily find more games to enjoy with family and friends.
  • SDK support for using Wands in your left and right hands simultaneously
  • Games supporting this feature coming next year
  • D3D Rendering improvements
  • Audio boost option
  • Glasses tracking improvements
  • Lower-angle viewing; get closer to the board surface
  • Smoother tracking between optical frame updates
  • Tracking to reduce warping effects when the headset is in motion
  • IR Camera support
  • Tangible tracking camera in NDK, Unity and Unreal SDK
  • Low battery warnings for Wands
  • Health check for the Glasses available in Control Panel to help identify technical or hardware issues
  • Many UI improvements and bug fixes

New and Upcoming Games

A Little Golf Journey: Release date Nov 8th 2022

A Little Golf Journey is a relaxing adventure golf experience played on beautiful diorama courses across a variety of destinations. Unlock secrets, discover treasure, and take on challenges. Your journey awaits.


Terrorarium is a 3D puzzle platformer about wanton destruction & adorable gore across a galaxy of community-designed murder gardens. Conquer dangerous alien worlds as a feisty granny with a chip on her shoulder and an army of cute but expendable walking mushrooms.

Diorama Builder

DIORAMA BUILDER aims to give you the feeling of having your own collection of DIORAMAS in your room. Without locks, you can choose the one that you like the most at that moment. With simple assembly mechanics, with each piece placed, you will have the pleasure of watching that beautiful scenery take shape.


Fight to regain your limitless creativity in this action-adventure game for all ages. Journey through a story full of vivid characters and explore a beautiful imaginary world. Make friends along the way and confront your fears in a little adventure about a big imagination.

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