Time Team: When Holograms & History Collide

Time Team: When Holograms & History Collide

March 30, 2023

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What happens when archaeologists trade their trowels for a wand?

Time Team is a British television show that focuses on uncovering the secrets of archaeological sites across the UK. The show first debuted in 1994 and has since become a global phenomenon–airing in over 40 countries around the world!

Did you know in 2013 the programme became the largest funder in the field of archaeology in the UK?

With their knack for uncovering ruins and providing fascinating insight into the country’s past, these specialists have created a large community who are enthralled by each and every discovery.

In the latest episode of Time Team the archaeologists are on their second day at Halston Hall, in Shropshire, England and trying to locate a possible Knights Hospitaller preceptory.

To aid them in their exploration, Dr. Stuart Eve brought along the Tilt Five system to help examine the site in a whole new–and exciting–way! 

Using photogrammetry–creating 3D models from photos of real-world objects–the site is recreated as a hologram on the board. With the ability to zoom in and rotate, the Tilt Five system provides access to areas that would not otherwise be possible.

Recreation of site using photogrammetry

In addition to the excavation site, artifacts collected were scanned in and examined. The team–and viewers alike–can now see intricate details of a Roman coin or the fine engravings on a medieval sword.

Examining artefact on Tilt Five

Many artifacts are delicate and have to be handled with care. Creating holographic versions of these objects will not only allow archaeologists a better way to handle them but also allows for digital distribution to museums, schools, and additional partners. 

Dr. Stuart Eve demonstrating Tilt Five technology to Helen Geake

“It’s like having whole museum collections of the whole world on your table. This is just going to change everything," says Helen Geake, Anglo Saxon specialist.

With the help of Shadow Tor Studios, Time Team is looking to create their own virtual museum and we’re excited to see how Tilt Five can continue to help archaeologists uncover and explore the past.

Check out the full episode below:

And don't forget to grab your Tilt Five system and start reviewing some of your own architectural finds!

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