Tilt Five Makes Noise at CES 2023

Tilt Five Makes Noise at CES 2023

January 11, 2023

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There is no other show quite like CES (Consumer Electronics Show). It attracts the very best of consumer tech from developers spanning numerous industries and attending from all corners of the globe. With more than 115,000 attendees and over 3200 exhibitors it's not only one of the largest shows but one of the hardest events to stand out at!

There were announcements from large companies sounding off daily, as if ushered in with trumpeters and excessive pomp and circumstance. Stages were lit up like rock shows and backrooms filled with VIPs demoing the latest tech to blow your mind.

Even with all the noise of fancy VR headsets and the immersive bidet experience--we're not joking, it was a real thing!--we sent in our not-so-secret weapon, Jeri Ellsworth, armed with a Tilt Five system under her arm to win the hearts of CES attendees... and win them she did!

Popular Mechanics Names Tilt Five 'Best of CES'

"This system is far and away the best implementation of AR to date," gushed Hunter Fenollol, Popular Mechanics. We couldn't agree more! After testing out the system, he was so impressed that he named Tilt Five "Best Augmented Reality Hardware" on Popular Mechanic's Best Tech at CES 2023 list. Check out what else he had to say here.

Image by Hunter Fenollol | Popular Mechanics
"This system is far and away the best implementation of AR to date"
    – Hunter Fenollol, Popular Mechanics

Gaming to Usher in the Metaverse

In addition to guerilla-style demos around Las Vegas, Jeri joined  Dean Takahashi,VentureBeat, Dirk Lueth, Uplandme, Mark Stutzman, AREA15, and Nils J. Wollny, Holoride, to discuss how the future of gaming will usher in the Metaverse.

"The metaverse is currently very hard to define, but it’s easier to delight people than create a utility tool. At Tilt Five, we want to make something relatable and give users a slice of the metaverse on their table.” - Jeri Ellsworth.

Check out this article below their panel.

Didn't get the chance to check out Tilt Five at CES? Don't worry! You can always order one of your very own. Grab your Tilt Five system today.
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