Takenoko Lands on Tilt Five

Takenoko Lands on Tilt Five

February 28, 2023

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Fans of the beloved board game Takenoko can now experience the game in a whole new way! In partnership with Twin Sails Interactive and Blazing Griffin, Tilt Five has launched a holographic version, which is now available on Steam

Adapted from the acclaimed board game by Antione Bauza, the Tilt Five version features holographic gameplay where the gardener and the picky panda come to life with mind-blowing 3D graphics, right on your table!

Venture to the tranquil bamboo garden, where the players compete for the complicated task of caring for the Japanese Emperor's sacred–and greedy– panda. Only the gardener with the very best plots of bamboo will be able to appease the voracious appetite of this picky animal.

Check Out Takenoko - Tilt Five AR Gameplay Trailer

Plant a bamboo forest around the Emperor’s pond. Cultivate and irrigate your plots to grow all the types of bamboo the panda loves. Experience the plots rise and fall around the board, the water flow from the pond, and the weather rumble and rain directly in front of your very eyes.

Play Together at Home or Remote with Friends

Beat your rival gardeners, whether they are gathered around the table with you at home or playing remotely online. Takenoko - Tilt Five AR offers local and online multiplayer for all those eager gardeners, no matter where they might be! The game supports up to four players making it the perfect addition to your game night.

The Blazing Griffin gathered around a game of Takenoko at the office

Stephanie and Daniel play a round of Takenoko 2311 miles apart!

What Are People Saying About Takenoko - Tilt Five AR?

Excited gardeners have already started competing to satisfy the adorable oversized bamboo eating machine! Fans of Adam Savage's TESTED received a sneak peek during Norman Chan's Tilt Five review and we're excited to see friends and families get in on the fun and share their experience on social media.

Takenoko - Tilt Five AR Featured on Adam Savage's TESTED

Families sharing their Takenoko - Tilt Five AR expereinces

Takenoko -Tilt Five AR Game Night

To help celebrate the launch of Takenoko we gathered some of our favorite XR enthusiasts to join us for a game night. The experience was enlightening! Little did we know how well trash talking goes along with holograms! For those who are skeptical about the social element of VR/AR gaming we suggest you give it a try. Check out who was the Takenoko Master and who might have been cheating.

Blazing Griffin Takes You Behind-the-Scenes

Interested to see what it takes to transform a game into a hologram while also honoring the original artwork that players have come to know and love? The Blazing Griffin team shares how they approached developing the game and creating an experience that both new and seasoned players would enjoy.

Do you have what it takes to satisfy the hungry panda? Order your Tilt Five system and purchase Takenoko - Tilt Five AR Today!

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