Second Kickstarter Anniversary Update & Announcements

Second Kickstarter Anniversary Update & Announcements

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October 29, 2021

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Hello Kickstarter Backers!

It has been 2 YEARS since our Kickstarter Campaign reached its amazing goal and 3,345 incredible backers pledged a combined $1,767,301 to bring Tabletop AR to life. You’ve been so patient and supportive along the way as we survived the zombie apocalypse, the Cthulhu attack, Kanye running for President, a new Twilight book, that time Kong fought Godzilla, murder hornets, manufacturing, and Squid Game. We made it out alive everybody!

Here are some fun facts covering our last 2 years:

  • Our team grew from 3 to 18
  • Released 14 major SDK updates for developers
  • Discord grew to 1,745 amazing members
  • Signed over 30 games for development
  • Jeri presented a zillion times and wants MORE
  • Manufacturing setup remotely across the world during the craziest time possible
  • Moved from a tiny shared space office to a place that will fit our growing team
  • We’re on version 5D of our hardware (5th generation of major iterations and improvements during this first manufacturing process)

Now after all these wins and challenges, we’re pleased to announce...

Kickstarter Units are shipping soon LET’S GOOOO!

In mid November, Kickstarter units are arriving at our offices from our manufacturers, will undergo inspection from our team, will get packed up in their beautiful packaging, and will start shipping to Backers all over the world! Here’s a sneak peak at the LE Kit packaging:

We’ll be shipping Kickstarter units in progressively larger batches over the next couple months. First batches to go out will be LE kits, then XE kits/XE Group Packs, and then Pre-Orders. XE gameboards are being produced, and instead of waiting on those to finish production, we decided to pull the trigger and release LE kits and get things moving now. We’ll do our best to fulfill these shipments in backer order. Please allow for some flex time to accommodate for inspection, shipping customs and international shipments. We’ll keep you updated as these kits start rolling out.

Tilt Five Launch Titles!

Our Partner Developers are so amazing to work with, exploring all the unique ways to adapt existing games to Tilt Five. We have over 30 games currently in development and with more to come!

We’re proud to share the first round of games coming out of the Tilt Five Game Dev Program. These launch titles will be available to play on day 1 when you receive your Tilt Five system:

The Awakening of Mummies by Virtual Arts Studio

Battle Map Studio by Bradley Shepherd

Battle Planet: Judgement Day by THREAKS

Bomb Bots Arena by Tiny Roar -- FREE

Chuck's Challenge 3D 2020 by Niffler -- FREE for Kickstarter backers, Steam keys emailed to you

Figmin XR by Overlay -- FREE

QB Planets by Madowl Games -- FREE for Kickstarter backers, Steam keys emailed to you

Space Merchants: Arena by Playito

Tabletopia by Tabletopia, Inc. -- FREE, 100+ games included

Community Spotlight

Beta Backer wins 1st Place Demoscene award for T5 Demo!

Huge congratulations to one of our luminary Beta Backers, known as Spacedog on our Discord, for winning first place in the Wild and Video category at Deadline 2021 Demoscene event in Berlin, Germany with Recube DX266! We love seeing Beta Backers going above and beyond with their beta kits. Quick reminder that every kit is a developer kit so you can do this too once you get your kit and developer tools.

Demoparties like Deadline are international computer art events focused on producing killer audiovisual demos. The purpose of each demo is to show off programming, visual art, and music skills.

When you get your Tilt Five kit, make sure to grab Recube DX266, here’s how:

  • Create a free account on Pouet (online demoscene resource for projects like this)
  • Download Recube DX266
  • Give Spacedog a solid and leave a thumbs up and comment on his project!

Growing the Tilt Five Team!

Say hi to Stephanie!

Hello all, Steph, here! I'm excited to be joining Tilt Five as Head of Communications. For me, it all started with a bowl of Froot Loops and "Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle" on a ColecoVision. Decades later, I've upgraded my consoles, but not my breakfast. Unlike most kids, I grew up with a home filled with Tesla Coils, nitrogen lasers, and telescopes--it’s no wonder I ended up in tech! When I'm not combing through Steam for new indie games or exploring immersive worlds, you can find me chasing my pup Ernest or mourning the loss of my latest houseplant. Don’t worry I’m better at games than gardening.

Tilt Five at AWE 2021!

AWE is our first public event in some time so we’re comin’ out with a bang!

  • Our system will be on display by several other companies in the exhibit hall. Find and try 'em all!
  • Use code AWEX212 for a 20% discount on tickets to attend AWE.
  • Check out our exhibitor "page" with floor plan
  • Challenge us to a game, win a t5 d20!

Stay in the loop, come join our Discord!

Connect with us and a great community of developers, gamers, enthusiasts, and other Tilt Five supporters. Join our Discord!

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