Jeri Talks Ruff

Jeri Talks Ruff

May 12, 2023

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The Ruff Talk VR podcast is a weekly podcast that covers all things Virtual Reality (VR) and occasionally Augmented Reality (AR). The hosts are a father & son duo, Dscruffles and Stratus, who discuss the latest VR news, reviews of new VR games, and interviews with developers and industry experts.

Jeri was honored to be a recent guest. She spoke about her early years, from growing up in a small town in Oregon to memories of tinkering with toys, race cars, and everything in between. Jeri credits her mentors with helping her to succeed in a male-dominated industry, and she shares her experiences with breaking down barriers.

"I was that nerdy kid that was into technology but you know pre-internet days. How do you learn about technology? There weren't a lot of resources out there for me so I would just take apart everything that I owned or every gift that I was given from my my father, just to see how it worked because I was so curious, says Jeri.

Watch the full podcast below. A huge thank you to Ruff Talk VR for having us on their platform. If you are not subscribed to them, please consider doing so!

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