Meet The Team: Kasper Hunt

Meet The Team: Kasper Hunt

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August 22, 2022

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Each week we will introduce you to a member of the Tilt Five team who are helping to bring holograms home. Learn more about the people who are building the next generation in gaming!

This week we would like to introduce you to Kasper.

What do you do at Tilt Five?

I work across the entire codebase, from SPARC assembler and C++ on the glasses, to Dart and Kotlin on the host, to Go and SQL on the servers and just a little bit too much Starlark for my liking!

My background as a Software Architect means I tend to work in large chunks and annoy the rest of the team with long stacks of changes.

What are your credentials/past experience, for working in your position?

My Software Engineering journey got started at the University of Sheffield in the gray north of England, followed by a role as the in-house software engineer for an electronics ICT company in Liverpool. Since then, it’s been an odd journey with various roles as Software Engineer, Architect, Advisor, and CTO at several companies working on various things from Superyachts in England to Autonomous Airships in Finland to Android Set-top boxes in China.

What do you like about working at Tiltfive?

To use a cliché, the team. Everyone is exceptional at what they do - to give some background, on the engineering team alone, I am in the minority having not worked on space rockets. It means there’s a lot of autonomy as people can be trusted to be doing a good job.

What’s your background?

I grew up between Liverpool (yes, the one with the Beatles - no, I’ve never met them) and the south of France where my folks had a summer place. After my degree in Sheffield and my first job, I moved to London for most of my career. I’m now based in the Bahamas which is much more forgiving for team meeting times, and the beach doesn’t hurt either!

What are the values that drive you?

Artistry and Integrity. There's an infinite number of ways you can write a piece of code, but to do so in a way that's beautiful requires artistry. I find well written, well documented, elegant, functional code pleasing in the same way as looking at a painting or listening to music. 

As for integrity, for any group of people, in personal or work life, you get the best from them when you act with integrity - give praise publicly and criticism in private, assume competence and good intention, and treat people as you'd like to be treated.

Your top 3 favorite games?
  • Most hours played : 7 Days To Die
  • Most time in VR : Elite Dangerous
  • ‘First’ favorite game : Starflight (I still dust it off from time to time)
What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Since moving to the Bahamas, most of my free time is sea related: Scuba, snorkeling, sailing and spending time with my family. When I lived in London, I used to do professional theater work in the evenings (lighting and sound - definitely not singing!).

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