March 2021 Update!

March 2021 Update!




March 10, 2021

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Busy busy busy! It’s been a productive period since our last Kickstarter Update and we have some good news to share with all of you.


We’re expecting to have EVT samples this month! We’re pleased to be at a stage where our vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers are working in sync steadily progressing towards hardware assembly. Our logistics and supply-chain team has been quite busy getting individual components transferred from different factories to our primary manufacturer for assembly. We’re super fortunate to have such a great team managing our manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain processes.

Once we have these first EVT samples, we’ll put them through some basic quality checks. When sample units pass our quality checks, we’ll start shipping kits in incremental batches to development partners and Beta Backers! We’ll do our best to keep everyone updated on expected shipping timelines :)  


Making great game controllers is hard! Not only do you have the required hardware components needed to make a comfortable, robust, and great feeling gaming controller, you also need great software so developers can create fun, convenient, and intuitive button schemes.

We recently pushed Unity SDK Rev10 to our partner game studios which includes improved Wand Input support for more accurate and consistent joystick and trigger inputs. Great work is in the details!

Check out our updated Wand Input testing tool for testing input status and range! If it looks familiar, we shared an earlier iteration of this tool back in the December 2020 Kickstarter Update.


A Word from Candy

I was born and raised in Taiwan.  After I got my MBA, I decided to stay in the USA.  I’ve been working in Logistics for my entire career, and I really like to simplify processes, and enjoy organizing things. I’ve set up logistics departments for several start-up offices and companies, the most successful ones being Guitar Hero and Skylanders! I’m excited for Tilt Five to be another success story in my career.

Say hi to Fred!

Born and raised in Taiwan then spent the past 32 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love technology, like to learn something new everyday, and am not afraid of taking risks. That’s probably why I worked for so many different tech companies and across different positions for the last 32 years. I love traveling with my family and friends, and also like spending time growing flowers and fruits here at home. A few years ago, my wife and I started working with a few community charity groups, and from the volunteer program we realized there’s so much more we can do to help our community!


We are blown away by the great community response on the survey with over 600 responses! Your input helps us better understand key areas and game categories to be targeting in our business development conversations and game dev outreach, and helps us get a better sense of your interests. Check out the results!


It’s been fantastic connecting with so many of you on Discord! Great discussions around development, hardware, games wish lists, unique use cases and more. It makes us happy to see you sharing super creative ideas and support for each other as you prepare for your hardware. Here are some recent improvements for our Discord community:

New Discord Roles! We added 4 new roles as badges of honor to commemorate our all of our different Kickstarter supporters and developers getting amped to use the system:

  • Beta Backer
  • Kickstarter Backer
  • Pre-Orderer
  • Developer

Global Language Translator bot:  No worries if English isn’t your native language, use this translation bot to talk with Tilt Five supporters around the world.

Beta Backer Events: We’ve started a weekly Beta Breaker Breakout Session on Thursdays in Discord from 5-6pm PT where we present updates, insights, host Q&A’s, and have team members join in to talk about the product, development, manufacturing and other details.

Join the Discord community to stay connected!

Many more details to come and thank you all for the supportive reminders and excited messages! We can’t wait to get you your hardware and keep exploring tabletop AR gaming with you.

–The Tilt Five Team

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