Major Milestone Update! Manufacturing progress, Beta Kits Shipments, Free Keys, Tilt Five Live

Major Milestone Update! Manufacturing progress, Beta Kits Shipments, Free Keys, Tilt Five Live



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August 31, 2021

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Hello to all you wonderful Kickstarter Backers!

August was an action-packed month and we’re excited to share the latest and greatest. Before we get to the juicy stuff, we want to share our immense gratitude to all of you. Product development is challenging under the best of circumstances, and with quarantine, travel restrictions to our factories, working from home, and distributed team coordination, it has been a wild ride.

If our collective experience playing games has taught us anything, it’s that on any epic quest, the road to victory and legendary loot is fraught with surprises, boss battles, and picking yourself up after taking hits to the grill. We all know it’s dangerous to go alone, and what makes the biggest difference is who else you’ve got in your party. We’re incredibly fortunate to have a Kickstarter party full of healers, tanks, warriors, rogues, wizards and more. You keep us alive!

We’re happy to see the steady progress and thrilled to have you with us for this unforgettable journey. Let’s jump in!

Manufacturing & Logistics

Production Phase: Big shoutout to our manufacturing and logistics teams for getting our Tilt Five kits through the DVT phase! We have successfully navigated the EVT and DVT gauntlets and are transitioning into PVT (Production Validation Test). This is the final production stage before mass production begins!

Certifications: We passed all required certifications!!!

  • FCC for USA & Canada
  • CE for European Countries
  • CSA for Canada
  • RCM for Australia & New Zealand
  • MIC &VCCI for Japan

This means we won’t have to sell Tilt Five units in shady alleyways across the world :P In the world of hardware production, this is a HUGE milestone! Certifications like these validate both a product’s quality as well as its safety. Many Bothans died...trying to pass through certifications. Those are the guys in shady alleyways selling their Kravmagotchi’s [™ pending] and other sorted wares.

Gameboard quality: In early prototype versions of the gameboard, we saw the gameboard warp in different climates. We switched suppliers, resolved those quality issues, and are really pleased with the results we’re seeing today. Shoutout to our game dev partners and Beta Backers on this point as well as they’ve helped battle test our gameboards across the globe.

Collectible Box for Kickstarter XE Kit: As promised during the Kickstarter Campaign, those who pledged Kickstarter XE Kits will receive a special collectible box. We’ve completed the "special edition" packaging design for these Kickstarter XE Kits. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we are really proud of this design and think you’ll love it.

New calibrated wands: We’re now getting updated wands from our manufacturers with updated calibration. This updated wand will take advantage of the accelerometer wand tracking update for smoother wand interactions. It’s basically the difference between Gandalf the Grey and GANDALF THE MOTHERCUSSIN WHITE!!

Final shipments of Beta Kits are en route!

WHOOOOOOOOO! We’ve shipped all the Beta Kits and are sooooo excited for all our Beta Backers to really dig in. Chatter on Discord has picked up as more Beta Backers have received their kits, people are sharing their ideas, projects, and feedback on the hardware and software. Beta Backer input has been an essential part of making a better product for all of our Kickstarter backers and we’re grateful for all your contributions.

To give you an idea what Beta Backers are doing with their Tilt Five kits, here are some of the projects and experiments our Beta Backers have recently shared:

GalaXR WIP demo (in Beta) from Dragon Magic Studio
Leap Motion sensor experiment from SpaceDog

Aside from building cool experiments and games, Beta Backers are also going full Terminator mode to help us locate issues and to give us their feedback!

Shipping Updates

A couple months back we released an estimated shipment timeline graphic for the different Kickstarter orders (Beta kits, XE kits, LE kits, Group packs etc) and understand it caused some confusion and frustration, and it was unclear if you would receive your kits in the same order we communicated during our Kickstarter campaign.

We took your feedback to heart and reworked some manufacturing logistics to better align shipping sequence with what we communicated in the Kickstarter campaign. While we don’t have dates to give you just yet while we’re still in Beta, as soon as we know more we’ll share those details with you.




  • Use the link on your original BackerKit Survey email
  • Contact us ( and we’ll help find your BackerKit link!

Free QB Planets Keys!

While waiting for your kits, we have a nice surprise for all of you Kickstarter Backers. MadOwl Games is bringing their game QB Planets to Tilt Five on both PC and mobile.  The game is available now to play on Steam and we’re sharing Steam Keys to ALL of our Kickstarter Backers as a token of gratitude from Tilt Five. Even if you are not a Backer, you can purchase play QB Planets today and the PC version is ready to play on Tilt Five as soon as you receive your Tilt Five kits.

We will be sending Steam keys to our Kickstarter Backers later this week with instructions to activate them :D

About QB Planets

Get your spaceship and embark on an amazing astral adventure of engaging puzzles into the final frontier. Overcome challenges and earn rewards that will let you discover more incredible puzzle planets in the farthest reaches of outer space.

Coming Soon -- Tilt Five Live!

Tilt Five Live is a new live webinar where we discuss Tilt Five game development, tabletop AR gaming, the games industry, do community Q&A and more. For our first episode of Tilt Five Live, we’ll be hosting one of our game dev partners Barn Cleave. Barn is the founder of Niffler and Canverse, the creative teams behind Chuck’s Challenge 3D 2020, Cubiti Parti and other games coming to Tilt Five.

Tilt Five Live will be hosted on Zoom and will be open to everyone. Stay tuned for more details!

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