We Left Them in AWE

We Left Them in AWE

There was a swell of excitement as the expo doors opened at this year’s AWE. With over 6,000 attendees and 300 exhibitors it was the largest event in AWE’s history. Like giddy school children, everyone from seasoned experts to industry enthusiasts stormed the floor to get their hands–and eyes–on the latest XR tech. 

Eager attendees swarmed the Tilt Five booth for demos, lightning talks, and to chat with the T5 team—-the buzz continued for the duration of the show!

Tilt Five Introduces Enterprise Tools (and More!)

While we are all gamers at heart, the Tilt Five team brought along tools and applications that would dazzle the enterprise and education industries. Don’t worry, we still served up the fun!  The Belle of the Ball was the Tilt Five CAD Viewer. First showcased at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in March, the application allows for a variety of 3D models to be dismantled, manipulated, and viewed in holographic form. From the oohs and ahhs elicited from those who have used the application, we will make sure to add it to The Lab–stay tuned!

Why Enterprise and Tilt Five Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

What makes the Tilt Five system great for gaming also makes it an incredible tool for enterprise, education, and training applications. Hans ten Cate, our COO took to the stage to share how Tilt Five solves many of the problems these industries struggle with when integrating XR solutions. 

Watch ‘Enterprise: Let's Get Hitched! Tilt Five & Enterprise the Perfect Marriage’

Making Holograms… Easy as 1, 2, ChatGPT

If AWE attendees were not sure if developing holograms was easy as we say it is, Jeri convinced them! She stepped through her adventures as not just the CEO but as a  Weekend Warrior developer. From implementing the SDK to teaching ChatGPT to write code for the system, she left attendees eager to get home and crack open their game engine of choice. 

Watch ‘Let’s Make F*&king Holograms: Adventures in Developing For Tilt Five’ 

Lighting Talks: Learning at The Speed of Light

For those who wanted to know more about the system we hosted Lighting Talks every hour at the booth. From implementing Unity and Unreal SDKs to a breakdown of the Tilt Five glasses, our team answered your burning questions and provided inspiration to get you started developing your very own holographic games and experiences. 

Justin Lang, Software Engineer, hosting the Unity Lightning Talk at the Tilt Five Booth

Thank You To Everyone Who Stopped By

Once again, AWE was a whirlwind and we want to thank everyone who took time to stop by the booth. We met new faces, embraced the familiar ones, and welcomed all to the Tilt Five community. 

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The Tilt Five Team Relaxes With Cocktails and Holograms After AWE

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