It’s finally happening. We started shipping!

It’s finally happening. We started shipping!

December 22, 2021

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You all have been eagerly awaiting your kits and we have battled everything that the gods have thrown at us–you don’t want to know what we sacrificed on the Kickstarter altars… but then again, that’s what interns are for!

Disclaimer: No interns we’re actually sacrificed

For two years we devoted ourselves to developing a product that brings friends and family together to make memories, play games, have fun, and of course, include cool freakin’ holograms! Today we watched the first batch of kits leave the office, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Once again, we thank you for your continued patience and support. We know how long this journey has been and we are so grateful you are on it with us!

Jeri checking all kits before they get shipped out

If you pledged for an LE kit with no add-ons, you can use this link to review your BackerKit Survey and update your address and credit card information. We will keep you posted as we ship larger batches of LE kits out. Then we will continue with XE kits/XE Group Packs, and then Pre-Orders.  We know you are all eager to get your Tilt Five kits and our goal is to finish delivery to all of our backers in Spring of 2022. The increasing spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 and the resulting supply chain issues impacting global manufacturing and shipping could negatively affect this delivery goal. We’ll do our best to fulfill these shipments in backer order. Please allow for some flex time to accommodate for inspection, shipping customs and international shipments.

Friendly Reminder!

Tilt Five Takeover!

Last month we made our return to the showroom floor (it’s been 2 years since PAX West) and caused quite the stir at Augmented World Expo (AWE). Over the span of two days, we performed over 150 demos to attendees, media, investors, and even some of our Kickstarter backers!

Here’s what people had to say:

Additional events Tilt Five has been featured at:

Upcoming Events:

  • GamesBeat Summit: Into the Metaverse 2 - Jan. 26-27 - Register

Tilt Five Takes Home Hardware

Fast Company recognized 24 companies that represent the "Next Big Things in Tech,” and we were thrilled to be recognized "for giving table games a new AR twist" and awarded the honor in the Experience Category!

We’re also excited to see our AWE partners Arcturus made the list! See who else was included in the “Next Big Things in Tech”.

Developer Spotlight

Figmin XR coming to Tilt Five!

Javier Davalos, Lead developer, Figmin XR has been making magic with Tilt Five. Figmin XR  build will be available for backers to try out with the latest SDK update.

Check out Figmin XR in action:

More Games Added

We continue to be in awe of our incredible Partner Developers! There are 9 games listed and ready to play–check out ‘New Release’ titles on the website, have over 30 in development and even more to come!

Here is the second round of games coming out of the Tilt Five Game Dev Program. These launch titles will be available to play on day 1 when you receive your Tilt Five system:

A Little Golf Journey by Playtonic Friends

Floating Farmer by Mens Sana Interactive

Hextones: Spacetime by Nukearts Studio

Cubiti Parti By Niffler

Need a refresher on the Game Dev Program and other great games coming to Tilt Five?

SDK Update

Introducing Rev15 - Excellent Elemental

Whoo! Rev15 is out and available for Partners and Beta Backers through the Tilt Five Forums. We will also be releasing Rev15 as a public SDK just in time for the first Tilt Five Kickstarter shipments!

Rev15.1 introduces improved wand tracking. Previously wand tracking was managed only through the camera on the glasses for 5DOF tracking (no roll motion) running at 30Hz. Rev15.1 now supports 6DOF tracking. The IMU runs at 400 Hz, with the wand sending update packets at 100 Hz with a few IMU samples in each packet.

Check out the wand tracking comparison video below:

 project video thumbnail


Growing the Tilt Five Team

Say hi to AJ and Hardy!

Hello everyone! I’m AJ, the new Customer Experience Manager at Tilt Five. I’ve loved board and video games all my life, so I’m ecstatic to join the talented Tilt Five team to help bring affordable AR tabletop gaming to the world. Gaming is pretty amazing right now between multi-platform cross-play, game streaming, and starting to see what next-gen consoles will be capable of. It’s about to get even better with Tilt Five’s AR technology exploring this new frontier in games with a growing list of amazing developer partners. Our support team’s job is to make sure you all have a great experience with your Tilt Five kits. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you run into any issues, we’re here to help. I’ll be one of your main points of contact and I look forward to getting to know you all better in the process. Maybe I’ll even see you on our Discord. Cheers!

Hello everyone, this is Hardy from China. I am excited to join the Tilt Five team. I have 16 years experience in manufacturing and technical consulting for products like, smartwatches and smart home devices.  In my spare time I like to travel with my friends and family and I can often be found playing basketball and ping-pong on the weekends! I am excited to meet the team in China when the pandemic slows down and we can return to a–somewhat–normal life!

And as we head into the holiday break we want to wish everyone a very Happy Holo-Days! We hope you have time to sit down with friends and family and enjoy a game night or two.

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