How to Stream with Tilt Five

How to Stream with Tilt Five



November 1, 2022

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Seeing is believing… actually, streaming is believing!

If you are looking to share your holographic creations with your friends, family, and streaming fans, Ewan Rose, Art Director, Figmin XR and XR artist extraordinaire, breaks down their process of setting up a creative and interactive stream using Tilt Five. 

Ewan was kind enough to share their walkthrough to help get you started! Check out the step-by-step guide with links to everything to get you off and streaming holograms. 

Setting up Tilt Five and FigminXR for livestreaming with Streamlabs*

* This guide should also work for OBS, however UI layout and/or wording may be different between programs.

  • A Tilt Five system (If you don't have a system, reserve a T5 here)
  • A PC with Tilt Five drivers installed (Download latest drivers here)
  • A webcam
  • Two monitors (For capturing picture-in-picture first person view)

  1. Download & install Streamlabs Desktop.
  1. Download & install MixCast.
  1. Download & install FigminXR - Tilt Five from Steam.
  1. Open the Tilt Five Control Panel, click the three dots on the right of the gameboard icon, and make sure the selected type matches the one you’re using.

  1. Run Mixcast. You will need to activate your MixCast license if this is a first-time setup.

  1. Once your MixCast license is activated, click Open Preferences.
  1. Click ‘Add Camera’ from the Virtual Cameras section of the Preferences menu, and then click the Tilt Five icon.
  1. Proceed with the Tilt Five Calibration from this guide HERE, located under Tilt Five Cameras (In 2.5.0+).

  1. Open Streamlabs. (For the purpose of this guide it is assumed you already have an account logged in to your streaming platform of choice.)

  1. Launch Figmin XR from Steam.

  1. If MixCast is set up correctly, when Figmin XR runs it should automatically open with a MixCast window running a mixed reality display from your camera:

  1. Navigate to the Sources panel in Streamlabs and click on the + icon.

  1. In the Add Source popup window, click on Screen Capture and then click Add Source in the lower right.

  1. Click on ‘Add a new source instead’.

  1. When prompted, type MixCast into the dialogue box and click Add Source.

  1. Navigate to Capture Entire Screen and select the screen MixCast is running on.

  1. Your screen should now look like this. To add a picture-in-picture first person view, click on the + icon next to Sources again.

  1. Go through the process of adding a new Screen Capture source again, by naming this one ‘Figmin XR’ and then clicking Add Source.

  1. In the following window, navigate to Capture Window and select Figmin XR.

  1. With Figmin XR positioned on top of Mixcast in your Sources list, click and drag a corner of the Figmin XR window to shrink and reposition it in your scene.

You now have Figmin XR set up for live streaming with MixCast! You can add additional widgets to your scene as desired or just go live as-is, and your viewers will be able to see both the display on your board and a first-person window.

Have fun, and get out there, and share the magic of holographic art! ✨

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