Tilt Five Assembles at GDC 2023

Tilt Five Assembles at GDC 2023

April 4, 2023

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Tilt Five Team Assemble!

Last month our team came from far and wide… well not too far, to gather on the expo floor of the Game Developer Conference (GDC). With the mission to dazzle developers with a new way to engage their players, the Tilt Five team completed over 700 demos!

Conference attendees wrapped around the Tilt Five booth to catch a glimpse of the holographic excitement. There was only one line that could rival our eager queue and that was the health check!

From playing with pandas in Takenoko to building the ultimate terrain in Battle Map Studios, attendees discovered how games could come alive on their tabletop. Developers stopped by that were creating experiences for The Lab, partner studios helped to answer questions about developing for the system, and even a whole party of D&D players descended on the booth ready to plan their next campaign!

Justin Alae-Carew, Head of Games, Blazing Griffin, discussing developing for Tilt Five

Unity XR Meetup

In addition to the tradeshow floor the Tilt Five team was invited to Unity HQ to meet, mingle, and show off our holograms–and of course, the Unity SDK! 

Unity developers were able to discover first hand just how easy it is to develop for the system. Still don’t believe us? Check out our Tilt Five Developer Tutorials!

Jeri demonstrates the Tilt Five system while Justin cracks open the Unity SDK

Tilt Five’s First Game Night

If there is one thing we have learned from hosting our first Takenoko game night, it was that trash talk goes hand-in-hand with holograms! We invited Todd Jackson and Eric Masher, QVC Gamer, Skeeva, Upload/Between Realities, and Jasmine Uniza, VR with Jasmine, for a relaxing game night at the Tilt Five suite. 

But what ensued was a competition like no other. Trash talk and accusations of cheating and bribery. Who would have thought a friendly game about feeding a sacred panda would become so lively–guess that’s what holograms will do to you!

Find out who took home the title of Tilt Five’s Takenoko Master…

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Tilt Five booth, to Ewan Rose for delighting attendees with FigminXR, and to Battle Map Studio, Blazing Griffin, and THREAKs who helped prepare the ultimate Tilt Five demo experiences!

Didn't order your Tilt Five system while at the show? Don't worry there is still time to bring home Takenoko and Tilt Five.

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