April Update: Major Milestone Warning!

April Update: Major Milestone Warning!




April 23, 2021

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Hey fam!

We’ve reached a major manufacturing milestone and are so thrilled to share the great news...we’ve received our first 50 glasses & wands from the factory!

Check 'em out! Look at these beauties!! <3

Why is this such a big deal??

Every kit we’ve sent out to development partners so far has been literally hand assembled by Jeri and some others on the team. All of the testing, calibration and any minor adjustments have been handled manually, one at a time. This is the first batch of kits to be 100% done in the factory, sooooo IT’S A BIG FRIGGIN DEAL!! It’s like going from monks crafting artisanal wonders in the dark to the printing press, or like leveling up from an abacus to the TI-83 Plus... just to play Doom!

We’re grateful to be part of this team and how everyone has rallied together to pull it off. As Jeri, our luminous leader, puts it, "It’s been an emotional rollercoaster to go from building everything yourself to sitting back and watching it happen from a distance. It's like seeing a good friend or family member move far away. You know they'll be ok, but you still have this nervousness in your gut when it happens. It's such a big push, and a major struggle, but for me I feel most alive when things are on fire, there's 10,000 problems and we’re working together as a team to do the impossible.”

Shipping estimates

We adjusted some of the shipping timelines to coincide with optimal timing from the factory. This helps us get your kits to you all as fast as possible. We’re incredibly lucky to have supporters from over 60 countries and we can’t wait to get you your goodies. One additional detail to note is shipping estimates may vary due to region specific shipping requirements, customs, guys named Steve texting while boating on the Suez Canal..., and possibly other unforeseen factors.

We understand there might still be some confusion or unmet expectations around shipping and delivery dates and we want to help answer any of those questions. Please come connect with us on our Discord and let’s chat!

Manufacturing Updates

Under normal manufacturing circumstances, we would have a couple team members on site to help supervise production and make quick response corrections where needed. This isn’t an option so instead, for the last month, more than half of our team has held late late night sessions with our manufacturing partners in China to go through production processes, assembly, testing, calibration, and making sure operations are going as smoothly as possible.

We can’t say enough about how great our manufacturing partners have been! We see them as part of the team and their enthusiasm and patience has helped tremendously on those late night production calls. When the first pair of glasses passed testing and operators saw holograms through the glasses, they started cheering and shouting "I see it, I see it, it works!" and then came up close to the camera and asked, “So can we get some games to play??" It was a serious relief to see the devices pass inspection, and especially heartwarming to see their genuine excitement for what we’re building.

Check out our ultrasonic welding machine!!

What’s next for the hardware?

Live footage of our hardware testing gauntlet :P

Now that we have this first batch of EVT Glasses & Wands, we’re going to put them through...THE GAUNTLET! Some devices will be going to CE and FCC certification testing, others will be submitted to french bread...to PAIN! Drop tested, extreme hot and cold temperature testing, submerged in goopy liquids, shaken, stirred, some glasses arms will be opened and closed 10,000 times, absolutely destined to be destroyed. Why?? Because out of this crucible of pain, will emerge strong, durable, crazy amazing glasses for all of you to enjoy.

SDK Update - Rev11.2 Alliterative Alpaca

We’re been making great progress to advance our partner developer studios and the games they’re integrating with the Tilt Five SDK. Our latest release is Unity SDK Rev11.2, here’s what’s happening under the hood:

  • Named after the fabled Alpaca!
  • Updated Wand pairing tool
  • Added new Windows Driver Installer (see image below)
  • Added new Tilt Five Control Panel
  • New Wand firmware (0.6)
  • Improved analog joystick/trigger inputs
Windows Driver in Action!

Wanna connect? Come join our Discord!

Hang out with us and a great community of developers, gamers, enthusiasts, and supporters:


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