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Having fun at home with holograms but your friends don’t believe the hype?

Developing a Tilt Five game but need to promote it to potential players?

Are you a streamer looking for new and exciting content for your audience?

we've got you covered!

MixCast blends real people, virtual worlds, and surrounding environments into exciting shareable content.

With the help of MixCast’s mixed reality streaming software you can easily record, share, and stream your Tilt Five experiences.

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how to stream tilt five

how to stream tilt five

Check out the catalog and lab for MixCast enabled games and experiences. Look for the MixCast logo!

how to integrate mixcast sdk

How to implement MixCast (Unity)
How to implement MixCast (Unreal)

MixCast’s lightweight SDK allows users to showcase your Tilt Five experiences in their full holographic glory!


mixcast features:

The software works with a variety of cameras
Powerful recording tools such as simultaneous multicam
Supersampling up to 4K resolution and subject lighting means gameplay looks its best from any angle
Native recording and streaming directly from MixCast to Twitch, Periscope, YouTube, and Mixer
The MixCast SDK can be easily implemented into any Unreal or Unity project in minutes